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The team at Piedmont Periodontics is ready to help. We understand that your decision to visit an Atlanta gum doctor isn’t an easy one. It’s common to feel a bit nervous about periodontal disease treatment. You may have questions and concerns about your treatment procedures, what to expect and your insurance coverage for care.

And as a top periodontist in Atlanta, we have the proven experience that you need to feel confident about your procedures – from tissue grafting to implants and everything in between.

During your first visit, we’ll do a thorough examination and then walk you through your next best steps. You can get all of your questions answered so you can feel confident in knowing that your long term dental health is in good hands.

You can also read through our most common procedures here on the website so you know what to expect, and familiarize yourself with the periodontal treatment options. We will also spend time with you in person to cover these options as you begin your course of treatment. Please feel free to ask any and all questions – even if you’ve read through this site – we value your input and are here to help.

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You deserve to feel comfortable and look great! We’ll work with you and your general dentist to create a treatment plan, and a budget for your plan, so you can start feeling better and improving your smile.

Learn more about our periodontist disease treatment options, and get to know our friendly staff.

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