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Welcome and Please Relax!

We recognize that visiting a Periodontal Office can raise questions and concerns. It is common to feel some apprehension over the type of treatment that you may require; how information will be managed between you, your general dentist and the periodontal office; as well as budgeting for the cost of treatment. In addition, if you are feeling a sense of anxiety we want you to know that you are not alone!

These are all common questions and emotions raised by our patients. What is most important for you to know is that our professional staff is here every step of the way to answer your questions, work with you to create an appropriate treatment plan, help you budget for the treatment, communicate with your general dentist, create a plan with you to ensure your long term dental health, and most importantly – assure you that your treatment is not only appropriate but as comfortable as possible.

Ask All of Your Questions – We are Here for You

We encourage you to read through this website as we have addressed many of the most common questions and concerns about periodontal disease. But, we realize that each of our patients has individual and unique needs. It is important to us that we address your questions, and in order to do that we anticipate spending a great deal of time with you discussing your plan of treatment. We sincerely believe there are no insignificant questions and we value your input and interaction as we begin your course of treatment.

We are pleased that you are beginning your journey to achieving a healthy smile. We know that you will find our office relaxing and welcoming, and our team of specialists sincere in their desire to help you attain dental wellness.